Monday, July 13, 2009

Boat Trip To Lanai

About a month ago (I'm really behind on this blog thing, but I'll catch up mom!) Junior and I went on a catamaran to the island of Lanai and we spent the whole day there! They served us breakfast on the boat, lunch at the bay, dinner at the harbor, then we sailed home to Maui while the sun set! It was a great day! We went to Manila Bay when we got to Lanai. No boats are allowed in the bay, so there are so many fish! It was so beautiful! You could literally swim with the school of fish.
This is Junior as a fish, followed by me swimming into the camera...
Mask face!

We went over to the Four Seasons Lanai and walked around and admired the beautiful resort!
Enjoying the Sunset
And then back to MAUI!