Monday, November 16, 2009


While my mom came to visit me in Maui, we took a trip to Oahu for 3 days. I had never been there and my mom has several times, so she was the tour guide for a couple of days. It was nice. When we arrived to Oahu, we rented a car in which we got to pick from ANY of the SUVs, and headed for the Hyatt Regency in Waikiki. When we got there we were looking for a parking spot on the road because it cost $20 a day to park in the Hotel Parking, but we couldn't find one so we decided to just pull into the Hotel and get our room. The bellman took our bags and told us we could park in the Hotel Parking and that we could possibly get a Kamaina rate (which is discounts given to locals, those who live in Hawaii), since I live in Maui. So we got back in the car and drove to the parking garage and ended up parking on the 7th floor! Everythings in skyrise in Oahu. So we walked back to the Hyatt and went to grab our bags and the bellman told us he would carry them up to the lobby for us(which was pretty far, up the escalater to the other side of this big hotel!) but apparently he had nothing else to do. So we got to the desk, my mom tried to tip him 5 bucks, but he wouldn't take it! The lady at the desk told us she had a one bedroom with a queen size bed for us, but my mom had requested 2 doubles or a king, jokingly I told my mom I might kick her in her sleep if we shared a queen, but we didn't care. To make a long story short, not really sure what happened, but the lady went to the back, came back out and told us something had happened to our room and that we would be sent to the Regency Club and be fed free appetizers and drinks while we wait and that we would get 2 queen beds and an ocean view (which we were suppose to have a city view!) So whatever happened to our room, we will never know, but we got treated like queens! (or maybe she thought we were queens ;) ) Thanks mom for a great trip!! Oh, and I forgot, they didn't have a Kamaina Free Parking, but she gave us Free parking anyways!!

This is a pictures of our room. It was really nice.

And there is our ocean view.

Not only did we get to go to the Hyatt Regency Club while we waited for our room to be ready. We got to go there every day, breakfast and appetizers and dessert for dinner! This is our 16 layer chocolate cake! YUMMY!

Here is our SUV, a Ford something, It was nice!

This is Waimea Bay, mom use to hang out there when she went to the University of Hawaii. But now you have to pay to snorkel and it's really crowded! But it's still beautiful!

I'm not sure what this little beach is called, but they've done some movies here, sorry I'm not very helpful, but its pretty! I don't know if you can spot these two kids that climbed up the rock, but they're crazy!

This is China Man's Hat

This is for's apparently the filming of Lost (According to Mom)